Epi-Q Review

Look & Feel

Upon entering Epi-Q, we were invited to a warm and cozy space. Although not vast like most eating establishments, Epi-Q makes up with a flair of minimalism that makes the space look spacious, neat and up-market at the same time.


Our first meal was the margherita pizza and it was a delight on our senses. Epi-Q’s thin crust margherita pizza had the perfect blend of the holy trinity of Neapolitan pizza with ample amounts of cheese, fresh basil, and juicy tomatoes. Every slice had the perfect ratio of cheese to tomato thereby making the pizza the perfect amount of heaven in your mouth.

Upon first glance, the Kathi roll may look similar to a shwarma but it is not.The origin story for the Kathi Roll begins in the mean streets of Kolkata, West Bengal from which Epi-Q was kind enough to usher it to the breezyshores of Sri Lanka.

A Kathi roll is made up of chunky skewer roasted meat wrapped in a warm flatbread served with a side of chutney. At Epi-Q, the choice of flatbread used was chappathi which was lavishly coated with egg. Compared to other wraps we had tasted, Epi-Q’s Kathi Roll is big and its filling was FILLING!

On the first bite, we tasted the sharp mix of finely ground spices. The spices were well infused in wholesome chunks of soft chicken. The ratio of chicken to no-chicken inclined on to the chicken side. In simple words, there was an over excess of chicken usually unfound in Sri Lanka’s wrap scene. Overall speaking, the Kathi Roll was delicious, filling, and worth every buck.

Don’t forget to dip into the mint chutney. The Kathi Roll is also available in Pepper Beef and Chilly Paneer.


And for dessert, we tried the Choco Berry Crepe and the Snow Ice Cup.

The Choco Berry Crepe came as a surprise crunch and is not the generic soft French crepe we were used to. The crepe had a generous helping of nutella, oreos, and nuts. The first crunch was indeed the crunchiest with the mix of nutella and oreos playing a prominent role in the taste department. This was by far one the best crepes we have tasted and comes highly recommended from the team at The Review.

The Snow Ice Cup comes in a variety of flavours; RoohAfza, Blue Lagoon, Strawberry, Orange, Mango, Pineapple, Rose, Cola, and Ice Cream Passion. We tried the Blue Lagoon, Passion Ice Cream and Cola. The chilling feel of ice mixed with the warm taste of homemade flavors was so amazing that we got some more cups to the rest of the team. If you ever feel like you need to take a trip down memory lane of your childhoods past, head over to Epi-Q and grab a snow ice cup.


We ordered a Masala Chai Tea as the choice of beverage. The flavor of masala was on point and the creamy tea was heated to the perfect temperature thereby saving the masala from over boiling. When we inquired about the ingredients used in the masala mix, we were met with an air of secrecy. Apparently, the secret masala mix is a family secret and will remain so.

The final verdict for Epi-Q would be two thumbs up. Their price to portion ratio was leaning all the way to the portion side. Meaning, their meals had massive portions and prices were more than reasonable. We at The Review wholeheartedly give you the go ahead to feast in Epi-Q’s banquet of motley flavors.